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The NT is the best escape from COVID19

Coming close to one year since my move from Newcastle, NSW to Darwin, NT. I do not regret my decision for a moment.

At first, similar to the other moves that I've made, I had to re-establish myself in my job, connect new social connections, and plant roots into the community.

I found Darwin, being transient and a place where people are up for adventure and meeting new people, to be a fairly easy place to move briskly through the above three actions.

Following this, I did what I do best - opened up the local map.

In earlier posts you can see I have not swayed from my love for the outdoors, quickly visiting the major hotspots of Kakadu and Litchfield. My first three months in NT's 'Top End' were full of adventure and exploration. Activity started to slow down, but it wasn't until COVID19 started to spread outside of China when everything came to a standstill.

I won't go into the physical distancing and hoarding of toilet paper. You've heard all that before.

This downtime, however, has allowed me change the velocity in which I scan the maps which ultimately resulted in a list of adventures not achievable for an employed person...makes one think...

The months of COVID19 had also given me time to reflect on my move and I can proudly howl out at the sunset of Ubirr or the top of Gunlom Falls, 'I love working, living and playing here!'.

Some simple reasons why:

  • Perfect climate

  • Wide opens spaces

  • Australia's Outback (It's true, it's on our license plates)

  • World Class Fishing

  • Easy to physical distance

  • World's oldest living culture

  • No traffic or queues for coffee...and

  • I can do things like this on a weekday -->

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