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2021, a year of COVID19 backyard adventures

2021 will be a year for the history books. A full year of COVID restrictions, limiting travel to and from the Northern Territory, meant that adventuring was limited to my own backyard. Although freedoms were constrained, very grateful to have been able to create many memories in a year which, globally, millions of people lost their lives, and millions more spent countless days locked inside the confines of their homes.

Interstate and international travel restrictions did not limit the quantity, or quality for that matter, of excursions. With four-wheel drive fully packed and spreadsheet guiding my way, I went off exploring the vastness of Northern Territory and northern Western Australia.

The highlight of the year was my first time setting foot into Western Australia to explore the Gibb River Road. I had dreamed of taking this journey ever since my brother got a taste of it in 2017 and has been raving about trying to get back to finish the crossing ever since. Pretty amazing how it all fell together. Originally had planned to be a boys trip with my mate Chungy, however, things fell through for him last minute, leaving me solo with just two weeks before departure date. It just so happened that I was in Sydney for a work trip the Monday before I was scheduled to leave for the Gibb that Friday. I had caught up with some long time climbing mates and casually threw the idea of one of them joining me on the trip. A far fetched dream, but what the heck, you never know if you don’t ask. Long story short, James (‘Handsome’ as he’s known by) and his partner canceled post surgery check-up with their doctor and relocation plans and were on the Thursday flight to Darwin. See the rest of the story below.

Honourable mention goes to the 8th Gorge walk in Nitmiluk National Park. We were incredibly lucky to get a permit, coincidentally making the application the day they opened bookings for an earlier opening date. This area (Katherine Gorge) is often overshadowed by Kakadu National Park to its north. It may not have the biodiversity of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed area, but man are the escarpments, carved out by centuries of monsoonal rains, absolutely magnificent. This overnight hike was incredible. Don’t take my word for it, take a look for yourself.

Of course, two adventures a year doesn’t cut it for me. Numerous trips to Kakadu, Litchfield, and in and out of Darwin’s waterways chasing ‘free’ food were amongst the adventures.

For the whole adventure playlist, visit The Wooman on Youtube.

What’s in store for 2022? With international and interstate borders re-opening, I suspect the Wooman’s adventures will be of different substance and flavour.

Stay tuned.

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