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The Mighty Noosa - A Poem

Kayak trip on the Upper Noosa
Kayaking the Upper Noosa River - May 2019

On the Sunshine Coast,

Us boys came together.

To take on the mighty Noosa,

Despite the threatening weather.

Packed light,

We did not.

Up river,

We had fought.

When arms and shoulders,

Began to fail.

We did not hesitate,

To raise the sail!

Passed Hills point,

And Harry’s Hut.

Before the sun,

Pulled its window’s shut.

As darkness swept in,

We set up our camp.

Kitchen table and chairs,

And each a head lamp.

Dinners done right,

A curry and stir fry.

Under an Aldi cover,

Is where we stayed dry.

Morning we pressed through,

The weather looking bleak.

To explore the unknown,

The meandering Teewah Creek.

The boys paddled with focus,

As it rained and it poured.

But it beats sitting at home,

Anxious and bored.

Not much is better,

Than nature's flora and fauna.

Tea trees and lilies,

A pelican or iguana.

John knew the way,

While Rod's shutter snapped.

Lily kept the pace,

Along Andy’s route he mapped.

On a bed of life jackets,

The Chungy took rest.

Mattress forgotten,

He made all the best.

The Wooman All Joy,

With the occasional shiver.

Conquering kilometres and kilometres,

Of the mighty Noosa River.

~ The Wooman, May 2019

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