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Taking one's virginity, the wet and wild way

Alex is a 20 something French Canadian who is enjoying his time in Australia, and I took his virginity.

24 - 25 March 2018

As you likely know by now, I love the Blue Mountains.

Hey, did you know the Blue Mountains are called this because they look blue from Sydney? The gum trees discharge a mist that, when refracted, appear blue in the distance. Special thanks to Christina for this week's trivia!

No, I did not take advantage of Alex's Kurt Cobain looks, besides, I don't think I'm his type. Alex had only recently moved to New South Wales from first Canada, then Western Australia. It was the utmost pleasure taking this fellow Canuck to the Blue Mountains for the first time. But wait a minute, not only did we share his first visit to the misty Blueys, it was his first time canyoning and climbing outdoors!

For first timers, a leader would generally ease them into the high risk activity. Thinking I was responsible, I did just that. Little did I know, young and sporty Alex would be bouncing around the canyons climbing high ledges and performing backflips into the waiting pools below. Not only did he find the introductory canyon a piece of piss, the next morning after a quick brief on how to properly use the climbing gear, Alex was leading climbs neither Maria, Christina, nor I could ascend!

It was great to explore with this bunch. Explore mother nature's amazing canyons, explore new crags, and more importantly, explore new friendships.

Christina, Alex, Maria and the Wooman

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