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Abbotts Falls Walking Track

After living in Tropical North Queensland for over 9 years, I find myself constantly seeking those fresh water stream ubiquitous in the Cairns region. Abbotts Falls, was this it?

9 September 2017

I organised a group of fellow adventurers from the Newcastle Outdoor Adventure Group to join me to scope out Abbotts Falls, located in the Olney State forest (Watagans) only 90 mins from Newcastle. This 7.3km circuit took the group through several neighbouring campsites, through the Pine forest, and to an amazing waterfall. It was an exciting walk, where the terrain changed several times, and some rock climbing through some tight places was required.

Although a great walk, and I highly recommend it, it failed to meet the expectations set by Queensland's streams.

The search continues...

For more information on this track, visit

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